This podcast is intended as a quick refresher for loggers and foresters on the basics of the Minnesota forest management guidelines prior to attending in-person field training. This project is a collaboration between University of Minnesota Extension, the Minnesota Forest Resources Council, Minnesota Logger Education Program, and UMN Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative. The Minnesota Forest Management Guidelines are a product of the Minnesota Forest Resources Council. Join co-hosts Anna Stockstad (University of Minnesota Extension) and Dave Nolle (Minnesota Logger Education Program) and various guests to discuss the key points of the MN Forest Management Guidelines.

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First Episodes


Join us for the first episode in this podcast series aimed to give you a refresher of the Minnesota Forest Management Guidelines prior to attending in-person workshops...


This episode is focused on guidelines related to the forest planning process. Co-hosts Anna and Dave are joined by Sawyer Scherer, who is a forest ecologist with UPM B...

Roads, landings, and skid trails

Anna and Dave are back again with Sawyer Scherer from UPM Blandin to discuss the roads, landings, and skid trails forest management guidelines.

Water diversion and erosion control

In this episode, Anna and Dave hear a unique perspective on the water diversion and erosion control guidelines from two loggers from southeast Minnesota, Seth Johnson ...

Stream and wetland crossings

David Demmer from the Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources joins co-hosts Anna and Dave to talk about how to avoid negative impacts at stream and wetland crossi...

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